We Create UX Designs and Code the Web
Dars.io is an IT project by Ezzat Chamudi. We strive to make better designs and codes for you. Grow your project with us!
Previous design nicknames: EZH, EZHMD
Things we create :
App Concepts and Mockups
We make concepts, wireframes, and mockups for mobile apps, desktop apps, and websites based on what users need and enhance it in every aspect.
Our Best Tools :
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Bohemian Coding Sketch
Interactive App Prototypes
We animate our mockups to give developers a better understanding of how the UI components react and behave. We add scripts to our mockups too, the mockups become a prototype that will react interactively every time you interact with it just like a real working app.
Our Best Tools :
Adobe After Effects
Stunning Websites
We also love playing with websites. We create one pager sites like this page, responsive sites, mobile sites, WordPress themes and plugins, web apps, HTML templates, and more.
Working with :
MySQL, SASS, jQuery, and more.
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