Dars.io is a little IT project by Ezzat Chamudi, we are striving to create great design and websites. You can open the projects page to see our past projects.

Who is Ezzat Chamudi?

Hello, I’m an IT enthusiast from Indonesia, now living in Saudi Arabia, that love to create designs and codes. I was a student in Information Technolgy major and now I’m focused to learn and develop all things around the web, including PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML5, CSS. I also love creating design and some basic 3D modelling using Blender.

Contact Email : [email protected]

  • farrukh hussain

    Your arabic verb website is awesome, may Allah reward you for this effort, I was learning Quran and it is helping me a lot.
    I’m sorry, i can’t donate, there is no Paypal in Pakistan.

  • http://muslih.github.io/ Muslih

    salam kenal ^^

  • http://deskmodd.net M. Ridwan Zalbina

    Salam kenal mas saya Ridwan, Saya lihat hasil karya mas buat beberap design content. Kalo bleh tau sekarang hanya urusan kerja atau menetap di Arab Saudi mas ?